A colloquial term for a combat or utility vehicle that is articulated with large-scale robotic or bioengineered limbs which can be directed by the actions of the pilot.

It is believed that the very first mecha created were those utilized by the ancient Haydon, millions of years ago, in their wars for Apotheosis. It was much later that the Cylesian human Zor Derelda resurrected the bio-mechanical bodies of the Haydon that inspired him to create the earliest Zentraedi combat mecha, ancestor of the Lotzor Tactical Battlepod.

When Earth humans encountered surviving samples aboard the crashed ASA-02, they managed to reverse engineer a great deal of the technology, allowing them to construct their own. Over time, Earth humans evolved their mecha, creating new examples highlighting their increased understanding of Robotechnology.

Broadly speaking, Earth humans recognize 3 distinct categories in which all mecha fall into: Veritechs, Walkers and Battloids

UEF VA-2 Condor Attack Veritech (04)

UEF VA-2 Condor Attack Veritech in Battloid-mode.

Acronym: Variable Engineered Robotic Integrated Tactical Enhanced Combat Hybrid

Transformable mecha, Veritechs are generally considered to be the pinnacle of the 3 basic classes of mecha. Most Veritechs have 2 modes, though some have 3 and a handful have 4. Veritechs are either Air or Land-Warfare models. Given the amount of resources needed to build, maintain and sustain a single Veritech, they are by far the least procured vehicle in any inventory of the main powers in the Alternate Robotech universe.

Examples: VF-1 Corsair, VEFR-2 Raven, VFA-6 Vindicator, VHT-1 Spartan, VR-041T Grenadier, VM-9 Hurricane


UEF AF-01 Spitfire Flying Walker (01)

UEF FW-01 Spitfire Flying Walker.

Hybrid non-transformable mecha, Walkers are generally support vehicles instead of frontline units like Veritechs or Battloids. They are usually based upon the middle mode of Veritechs, often called the Guardian (or sometimes Gladiator) mode. As such, they often have use of both legs and arms/hands, allowing them to fight and handle numerous situations.

The very first of the humans Walker-type was the Thundercracker Mobile Artillery Robot, essentially a walking battleship capable of delivering immense destruction via either its 40cm cannons or multiple 350mm medium range missile pods.

Examples: MAR-1 Thundercracker, WC-03 Khopis, FW-1 Spitfire


Human-form mecha, all but a handful of Battloids are non-transformable. For Earth humans, all Battloids fall into 2 primary categories: Modular Weapons Robot-series or Main Battleforce Robot-series. Both series rely upon parts commonality of models to achieve procurement, maintenance and sustainment in the field. Earth Battloids further break down into 3 generations, each one emphasizing one series or another as per the shifting of battlefield doctrine dictated at the time. Both Power Amplified Body Armor (generally just called Powered Armor) and Battle Armor (larger-than-human powered armor) fall within the category of Battloids, eventhough they follow neither MWR or MBR classifications.
UEF MBR-Salamander Battloid (02)

UEF MBR-Salamander Assault Battloid.

In terms of alien mecha, the Earth forces generally classify the Zentraedi's Battlepod-series as Battloids, eventhough they aren't exactly humanform. Also, the Robotech Masters and Disciples of Zor use of the Bioroid Combat System, while humanform, is also only technically a Battloid. Invid mecha almost all fall into the Battle Armor category and are thus considered Battloids, eventhough they have a less-than-human form.

Examples: MWR-Excaliber Heavy Assault Battloid, MBR-Salamander Assault Battloid, MWR-Jackal Semi-Variable Air Assault Battloid, Z-1 Lotzor Tactical Battlepod, SBA-2 Manticore Battle Armor

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